The beginning of the pack

A young boy with snow in his blood ventured across the world to the land of kangaroos. It's here he met one of the locals, a free spirited young boy. They shared stories & ideas and relished in their similarities. But all was not well in the local town of Byron Bay. A monster the size of SAE Institute quickly consumed them whole. It demanded the greatest story of all time be told, or they shall both perish forever into the void of centerlink. The boys both put forth their greatest stories so far, but it wasn't enough. The monster laughed as it spat out victims completely covered in broken dreams. It began issuing restrictions in which stories must be told; innovative ideas and higher resolutions. The boys quickly joined forces and created the short horror film UBER. This kept the monster at bay for now, although it continued to demand the greatest story ever told. It was at this moment the boys realised that by coming together they were far superior story tellers. And so they made a pack to defeat the monster once and for all.

They called this pack Husky Films, and set out to tell the greatest story ever told.