Husky Films is a full service animation production studio based in Squamish, BC. Delivering award-winning experience and creativity to every production with passionate dedication. Some of our areas of specialty include:


Our very foundation is based upon the expression of motion in order to create story. With years of experience and award-winning productions we are able to animate utilising the core fundamentals and principles of movement. Armatured stop motion characters, environment backdrops, 2D illustrations or even a simple pair of socks can be brought to life.


With a background in photography and architecture we deliver stunning cinematic visuals across cinematography and set design. Treating each and every frame as a painting we carefully storyboard, pre-visualise, design, hand craft, light, shoot and execute entire productions.

Sound Design, Mix & Score

Here in Huskyland we understand the importance of sound. Our experienced Audio Engineers have special expertise in sound design, mix and score ensuring each and every project has it's own unique audio experience.

Our Mission

Create and inspire.

Enhance the voice of nature.

Bring to life the stories that matter most.

Mountain Set